04-02-14: Milan Hollister

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Milan HollisterSome of the core questions about the human quest for happiness and meaning are explored in the book “Back To The Basics: Five Core Values Revitalized” by Milan Hollister, Ph.D. Challenged by a harsh and abusive childhood, the author began a journey that took her around the globe — 16 states and 14 countries. Her study of most major religions and dogma ultimately led to the realization that they nearly all break down into these core values — love, truth, peace, right conduct, and nonviolence. Follow her through pain and struggle, to desire and hope, and eventually peace and clarity. Her greatest wish now is to share her journey so that others might find understanding and solace in her words. Kerri and Ashley talk with this amazing survivor about the past, the future, and the human experience. Dr. Hollister has also written numerous successful children’s books that emphasize core values.



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