Kerri Kasem

Syndicated Radio & TV Host, Activist, and Speaker.

About Kerri

Kerri Kasem is a multimedia personality, producer, and writer has anchored music, talk, and entertainment programs for radio and television.

Meet the Team

There may be a new face or two but its the same ol'-same ol' squad!


Ashley Marriott


Health and Fitness expert and professional trainer.


Dangerous Dick

Technical Producer

Radio Personality, Host and Comedian, & Board Operator

Elijah Black

Elijah Black

Digital Content Producer

AV Editor, Webmaster & Social Media Manager

The Return of the KPOD

Kerri and Ashley are back! Radio veteran Kerri Kasem and author and fitness guru Ashley Marriott share intimate details of their lives. Kerri being single without children and Ashley Marriott with her longtime marriage and child both have different viewpoints on life that can be hysterical, heart-wrenching and motivational! Guests range from celebrities to social media influencers.